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Staying on top of your health

What is primary care?

A range of prevention, wellness, and treatment for common illnesses.


Annual Labs, Screenings, and Preventive Health

Lipid Panel
PHQ9 Depression Screen
GAD7 Anxiety Screen
Flu Vaccine (October-May)
One Time Screening

Hep C
Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer:
Pap testing every three years for women > 21

Breast Cancer:
Mammography to be completed annually, starting at age 45-50

Prostate Cancer:
Men can get a 1x PSA done between 55-69, after shared decision-making

Colon Cancer:
FIT test at JFC for everyone > 45 without risk factors
Colonoscopy if positive or if patient has risk factors (family history, IBD, polyps, etc.)
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