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M3 and M4 Student Volunteers

How to Sign-Up: 

  1. Login to GivePulse (You must first have a GivePulse account).

  2. Navigate to the Jackson Free Clinic page (can be found under UMMC subgroups).

  3. Click register under the category that applies to you ("M3 and M4 Students").

  4. You should receive an email confirmation indicating you have signed up.

Sign-up emails are usually sent by the Student Volunteer Coordinators the Tuesday before a clinic day.

Family Medicine Clerkship Volunteer Requirement: 

This is a required portion of the M3 Family Medicine Clerkship. Please utilize the available M3/M4 sign-up page on GivePulse.

Dr. Joyce Olutade Chief Student Clinician Award:

To sign up to be a team leader, students must sign up via GivePulse. Students must also sign in as team leader at the clinic to be recorded AND fill out the awards QR code. 


The Olutade Award is a recognition of students who have demonstrated commitment to helping the uninsured in Jackson by regularly leading a team at the JFC. The award will be given to any student who completes the criteria as follows:

  • The student must lead a team 8 distinct times, according to the following schedule:

    • 4 times from June to December

    • 4 times from January to August

    • OR 10 distinct times during the same academic year.

  • Students may not co-lead a team. Only one student will be designated as team leader on each team to qualify for the award.  

  • Volunteering as required by the Family Medicine clerkship does NOT count toward one of the eight required dates.

Dr. Savannah Duckworth Student Educator Award:

The Student Educator Award is a recognition of upper level medical students (M3/M4) who have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • an exceptional commitment and skill in teaching his or her lower level medical students (M1/M2)

  • persistent advocacy for student participation in team roles

  • a strong desire to create a positive learning environment at the JFC.

Nominations for this award will be made by lower level medical students (i.e., M1 or M2) by completing a form in the JFC workroom for completion of Dr David Norris Jr Student Clinician Award. The JFC Student Education Director(s) will be responsible for selecting the 2-3 recipients of the Student Educator Award from the nominations. The honoree(s) will be notified and given a certificate of award.

Dr. Thais Tonore Humanism Award:

To volunteer for Community Health Outreach events or for Social Health Clinic, students must sign up via GiveGab.


The Humanism Award is a recognition of UMMC students from any professional school (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Population Health, Health-Related Professions, & Masters Program) who have demonstrated a commitment to addressing social inequities and health disparities experienced by the patients of the Jackson Free Clinic through dedication to the Social Health and Community Health Programs by meeting the following criteria: ​​​

  • The student must volunteer with the Social Health Clinic & Community Health Outreach Program six distinct times within the same academic year, with at least two of these shifts being with the Social Health Clinic. 

If you have any questions in regards to volunteering please contact our Student Volunteer Director, Emily Mansour at

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