Without physician volunteers, the free clinic could not function. We welcome MD/DO volunteers who possess a permanent Mississippi license. Interns and other residents without a permanent license are welcome as well, but another physician with a permanent license must also be present. If you are interested in donating your time, please contact our Physician Coordinators, you will find their email address on the About Us page and below.

Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Please arrive at the clinic no later than 12:30 on Saturday.
  • If you will be late, please notify the Supervisor by calling (601)355-5161 after 11:30.
  • Student staff should have patients in the rooms and will likely be ready to present when you arrive.
  • Generally, it will be your responsibility to oversee all medical care provided by medical students at the clinic.
  • At times, you may be asked to see patients as well to allow more rapid delivery of care.
  • JFC has prescription pads available onsite.
  • All prescriptions are to be written at your discretion. However, if the free clinic will be paying for the medication the student supervisor will have to authorize the expenditure. Lists of medication prices are available.
  • We ask that you stay until the last patient has been signed out.
  • Security will be provided.
  • No patients will be checked in after 2:30, unless it is a very special circumstance.

Physician Volunteer Directors: